Mesh won't connect beyond devices directly connected


So, I have a series of XBee PRO900HP devices that are connected in a mesh arrangement. The devices that are not directly connected to the modem on the node-red server will not connect. It seems that the node-red packets can not “hop”. XCTU sees and connects all the devices.

Our building is very large, with lots of block. I have enough repeaters to cover it all, but it won’t go past the first hop. Max hops is set to 0 (unlimited)

The devices are the 2 channel relay and contact closures, as well as 4 channel relay. These are the decvices that can be mesh repeaters. Other devices (once there is a stable mesh) will be the wireless push button notifiers and temp sensors.

Have you set each XBee’s Destination Address for all your Sensor Nodes equal to the XBee Serial Number of the Node-Red Server ?

I did it that way, as well as broadcast.