Megamodem connection problem


We have recently been changing a few things on our site and had to re-boot modems, etc.

When power was brought back up we lost connection to the Mega Modem.

I have since been going around in circles trying to reconnect to the thing.

Setup :
Windows 10 - Ver 21H1 Build 19043.1263
Ethernet (wired) link to primary router on on PC.

I’ve tried going through the “initialisation procedure” for the Mega Modem - press red button until status light is "blinking blue " - I can see the Mega Modem in the Wi-Fi list and connect to the Mega Modem on (although it doesn’t connect automatically). Check settings, save settings - Mega Modem flashes “red/yellow” then status light goes to “blinking green”.

Mega modem Current IP MAC F0:08:D1:EE:DE:B4

Can access “setup” page via web browser using this IP - so able to communicate with Mega Modem via webpage link.

Status Light is “blinking green”

Boot Alphastation

Alpha Station shows Mega Modem as “Discovered Network Device” at and correct MAC address and firmware V1.0.0

Wireless Destination flag is set “on” with address of 0:13:A2:0:40:CE:2D:32 (default).

Megamodem Status light is solid green

Selecting the Mega Modem brings up the Alphastation connection selection screen (Ver - although installation s/b

Selecting “Sensor View and Setup” :

Megamodem flashes “red over green” and “Unable to communicate with Modem” popup appears.

Go to “Communications Recovery” - “Recover Modem Default Settings”

Megamodem status light flashes “red over green”

Close recovery screen.

Selecting “Sensor View and Setup” :

Megamodem flashes “red over green” and “Unable to communicate with Modem” popup appears.

Close Alphastation.

Megamode light goes back to flashing green.

Try reconnecting via the webserver - no problem. Just can’t talk via Alphastation.

Given that the Mega Modem was working and communicating before we repowered - any ideas?

I’m not sure what could be causing that problem. You could try connecting to the Mega Modem Via USB to see if that works. You may need to install this driver:

Try connecting the Mega Modem to your computer via USB, then try Alpha Station over that connection to see if it works.

Hi Travis,

Still going round in circles with this.

I’ve moved the Megamoden to a new network (so I can work on it after hours).

Put into “initialisation” mode (blue flashing LED) it shows up as an available modem and can be connected to - so that works. From a browser, I can access the “setup” page at the “NCD Wi-FI Config” page at and modify setup.

Once that’s done, and an IP is assigned, I can access the same page at the static IP. (, in this case) - Megamodem is seen as an esp32-ardino device in the main router table with the correct IP.

I’ve installed the USB drivers - I think the MM is operating on the equivalent of COM PORT 6 on Serial over USB. USBView doesn’t find it as a USB device, however, which is a bit annoying.

And it can be found as a Bluetooth device.

So it looks like all of the “connection” systems work - but Alphastation just doesn’t want to talk to it!

The Megamodem shows up as a visible device in Alphastation, but any attempt to access it (COM, network or Wi-Fi) results in “Unable to communicate with modem” and beyond that, the thing is a brick. The only response I get is a yellow/red flash whenever I try to connect with AlphaStation and then it goes back to blinking green.

Any more ideas?

Is there any way to “backdoor” the unit via TCP (given that it will display the web interface)?

Connect to the MegaModem via the Virtual COM port using this software:
Then power up your sensor and see if data starts streaming through.

Let me know what you find.