Mega Moden, tcp communications

Can multiple computers connect to one mega modem over the tcp port?

I have multiple sensors talking to repeaters (including one sensor programmed as a repeater, solar + large 12vdc battery…). Everything works nicely, multiple computers reading data via usb modem, mega modem, or 900hp modems. I am now looking at the mega modem, mainly having multiple computers listening to one mega modem. I have tried at first using VirtualBox (with bridged network) then two separate computers on same Wi-Fi network as the mega modem, only one works–which ever one connects first.


Hi Eric,

Only one TCP client can connect to the Mega Modem at a time. This is primarily a security measure. I would recommend having one application connect to the Mega Modem, receive telemetry from it, then make the telemetry received available to other applications by acting as a server for the data.

Thank you,
Travis Elliott

Hi Travis,

Exactly what I was working on, option 2… I set up an Azure account (any online db service would have worked), set appropriate connection string, now everyone in our team has the data. I was trying to keep everything inhouse without a db server, which means everyone has a localdb… This forced me to another route, which is working out nicely and was very easy (created two apps, one with telemetry+db, other just looks at db). This also meant a bit more learning for me- they asked about mobile access to data (iPhone/Android, over my head but willing to learn)… never ends.

Thanks, Eric

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