Mega modem - Getting data on Alpha Station but not on Node-red

I have set up three wireless temperature sensors, connected to laptop (Windows 11 Home) using Mega modem. Mega modem is collecting data, which i can see on Alpha station as well as Node-Red.

The same set up i am running on another laptop with Windows 10 Home, and it doesn’t give anything on Alpha station as well as node-red.

What could be the possible things to rule out.


How are you connecting to the mega modem?

If it’s over USB you may need to download the drivers: CP210x USB to UART Bridge VCP Drivers - Silicon Labs

If it’s over WiFi it may have to do with your network i.e. not on the same network or incorrect network settings on the Windows 10 PC.

Thanks @jacob,
i connected Mega modem using USB cable on both laptops. It is working on one but not on others.
I will try downloading the driver on Windows 10 laptop and see if it works.