Mega Modem Broadcast to port 55555

Besides port 13000, it also broadcasts to the port 55555, what is this for?

Any document somewhere we can read about Ethernet communication with Modems?

Hi Chan,

These are simply discovery packets the device broadcasts so software can locate them on a network. Previous products we designed used either port 13000 or port 55555 for discovery, to comply with older developed software we broadcast on both of those ports so no software changes would be required by the customers.

The product manual for the Mega Modem should provide all the information you need about the product.

Thank you,
Travis Elliott

Thank you Travis, I was just curious why 2 discovery broadcasts.
re Manual, the only manual I have seen for Mega Modem (, seems unfortunately not to cover such details, would be great if you point me out to a more detailed one.