Mega Modem and 2 Ch. Vibration Sensor, Won't Connect

I have a PR55-21A_MEGA and a PR55-61N but can’t seem to configure sensor settings or get data back. I’ve installed Alpha Station, connected to the Modem config and set base settings. But in Alpha Station after connecting to the Modem via Serial, I don’t get data packets from the sensor despite powering cycling and using the reset button. Additionally, if I try to ‘configure basic sensor settings’ it prompt me that it’s waiting for a ‘Sensor to Enter Configuration Mode…’ but following the steps doesn’t seem to work.

Any thoughts? I’m new to the architecture of these devices so I’m likely just missing a simple but critical step.

alpha station doenst support these sensor. I will recommend using node red.


So I got a chance to dive into trying to connect this sensor, modem, and node-red. I used the PR55-61_N_Type_81.json flow, but running into missing node types: Flows stopped due to missing node types:

  • ncd-wireless-node
  • ui_chart
  • ncd-gateway-node
  • ncd-gateway-config
  • ui_group
  • ui_tab

Is there documentation on how to install the ncd dependencies? I was able to find ‘npm install ncd-red-wireless’ for getting the ncd specific nodes, but that command fails with the following logs 2022-01-11T17_04_39_873Z-debug.log (49.6 KB). I suspect this is because of a nodejs version issue with serialport but I don’t see where the preferred version of anything is documented. Additionally I haven’t been able to track down where the ui_XX node types come from.

Any help on these specific issues would be helpful. Additionally, if there is a node-red guide for NCD devices, that would be helpful as well.

I was able to install the ncd-XX nodes following this Ncd waiting for missing types to be registered - #6 by catracho. Still working on the ui_XX nodes, so please let me know what the npm package for that is.

you will need to install node red dashboard.

Ok, I’ve gotten it able to deploy. But I’m not seeing any data coming from the sensor itself and all the ui elements are blank

I’m starting to figure things out, I appreciate the help. I’ll post again if I run into another snag.

I’m having issues with delay vs sample rate, I would like to set a fast data rate, something like every 5 seconds. So I deselect the checkbox for sampling interval, and set delay as 5. When I run the configuration it appears to receive the configuration fine, it then will receive data immediate on reset of sensor, then again a random amount of time (30-120 sec.) later, then it appears to hit a regular interval of 5 minutes from then on. What settings should I be using if I want data every 5 seconds with node-red-wireless-2 and firmware version 3?

Also I appear to get an error in the console after the first data publish comes in:
[ 70, 76, 89 ]
unable to parse frame
TypeError: Reduce of empty array with no initial value
at Array.reduce ()
at Object.parse (C:\Users\rkast.node-red\node_modules\ncd-red-wireless-2\lib\WirelessGateway.js:2291:34)
at WirelessSensor.sensor_data (C:\Users\rkast.node-red\node_modules\ncd-red-wireless-2\lib\WirelessGateway.js:544:64)
at WirelessSensor.parse (C:\Users\rkast.node-red\node_modules\ncd-red-wireless-2\lib\WirelessGateway.js:52:25)
at EventEmitter.receiver (C:\Users\rkast.node-red\node_modules\ncd-red-wireless-2\lib\WirelessGateway.js:23:10)
at EventEmitter.emit (node:events:390:28)
at DigiComm.dataIn (C:\Users\rkast.node-red\node_modules\ncd-red-wireless-2\lib\DigiParser.js:61:20)
at EventEmitter.receive (C:\Users\rkast.node-red\node_modules\ncd-red-wireless-2\lib\DigiParser.js:12:9)
at EventEmitter.emit (node:events:390:28)
at SerialPort. (C:\Users\rkast.node-red\node_modules\ncd-red-comm\lib\NcdSerial.js:56:18)

if you wireless sensor firmware version 3 then the fastest it can send data if 1min.
set the delay value to 0 and use interval. this product does not support delay value.

@TravisE_NCD_Technica can you look into node red issue.

Is there a way it can send multiple readings that occured throughout that minute? As in, sends 12 samples ever 1 minute?

Error above seems to be the result of a data packet they library does not know how to parse. I would need to attempt to replicate this packet in order to determine what the issue is. @rkast can you let me know what version of ncd-red-wireless you have installed?

@Anil_Bhaskar is more than one frame sent on the first publish from this sensor after power up? Perhaps a second frame is sent that has settings information about the sensor and that is what is causing the foul up?

sensor sends
FLY ( to set any parameters or RTC)
node red does take care of all these messages while using with USB modem