MCP3428 0-10V card not detected

Hi all,
I have been building a prototype using several ncd products, including ADC cards using a MCP3428: i have three 4-channel I2C 4-20mA and one 4-channel i2c 0-10V.
I have had no problem whatsoever communicating with all the 4-20mA cards however the 0-10 is not responding anything. The power led is on but the i2c connection is not even detected (using the “sudo i2cdetect -y 1” command in my raspberry pi). The settings for the address and pull-up are the same between the 2 models. I am using the same raspberry pi, power supply, i2c shield and i2c cable.
Thanks in advance,

Hi David,

Can you provide a photo of the hardware setup? Many times we can determine an issue by seeing a photo of the hardware.


I work with David on the prototype.
Here is a photo of the hardware witch not responding.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Michael,

Can you please provide a photo of the entire hardware setup? We need to see what this board is connected to. Please also have power connected in all appropriate locations in the provided photo just as you would if you were testing the device.