MCP23017 + MCP4725 IC2 Error# 121

The board we are using is the MCP23017 along with two MCP4725. We are using them with a raspberry pie (Python) and a PS5 controller to control aspects of a sawmill that I work at. The issue we are having is that we are quite often running into a [Errno 121] Remote I/O Error. Which is killing the program. I seem to be able to minimize the error by adding time delays between button presses but this causes other issues for the operators. We are not sure if this could be a limitation with the I2C communication protocol or if its an issue with the raspberry pie.

Any thoughts on this?

We are looking into using a micro PC and coding on visual basics and then ideally use cards that have a USB type connection.

Also wondering if a board like this might make more sense for us? Fusion Expansion Solid-State SPDT Relay Controller 16-Channel


Can you provide some more details? Photos of your hardware setup/installation, source code to the Python script you are running, etc?