MCP23008 + WiFi/USB Nextgen Communications Module + Pi Zero

The pi is connected to the module via usb. In node red I can easily connect to the “serial in” node however when trying to connect the MCP23008 node it will not connect following the online directions. I notice that the “serial in” node comes up with a different usb address USB0:115200-8N1 and the MCP23008 only has a generic address. /dev/ttyUSB0. I have enabled I2C on the pi. Do I need to download a specific firmware for this module to use with the pi? Thanks for your help.

Hi Scott,

I don’t think I fully follow what you are trying to accomplish. Do you think you could provide photos of your hardware setup?

Thank you,

I’ll work on getting some photos. I am connecting the pi via usb to the micro usb interface of the wifi module and having issues connecting the MCP23008 in node red. I did a test to see if I could get it connected using a serial node and I have success doing that. Same settings in the MCP23008 node will not work.

The wifi module is connected to the proXR relay module. Also, thanks for the fast reply.

serial node

The issue is not being able to connect the MCP23008 node to the Pi using the USB/WIFI module. The photos show the setup properties of the serial node that I used to test a connection and the MCP23008 node that will never connect.