Max number of Particulate matter sensors that can connect to one Wireless Mega Modem?

Hi! I’ve been researching on your IoT wireless particulate matter sensor for a clean room monitoring requirement we have here in the philippines.

I am just wondering, how many particulate matter sensors can connect simultaneously to one Wireless Mega modem -USB Wifi bluetooth?

I am thinking I can deploy multiple particulate matter sensors in the clean room and have it connect to one Wireless Mega Modem? and this Mega modem will connect to the clean room’s wifi connection and dump data from the particulate matter sensor data to an on-prem desktop application to monitor all of the data?

Or do I need to use a Gateway instead? However, I am not going to use AWS, Azure , Losant IOT as our customer requires an on prem monitoring software and doesn’t want it on the cloud…


There is no actual limit to the number of sensors which can connect to a Gateway/Modem. The real limitation is bandwidth which is determined by how often you configure the sensors to send their telemetry data.

I would highly recommend the IoT Edge Computer over the Mega Modem. The Mega Modem is an alternative to highly cost sensitive applications. The IoT Edge Computer can accomplish everything the Mega Modem can but has more processing power which allows more telemetry/sensor count and has greater capability in the form of data manipulation prior to feeding it to your software application. It also has WiFi, USB, Bluetooth, as well as Ethernet which you may prefer in the future.

Thank you,
Travis Elliott

Hi Travis,
Thank you for your response. much appreciated.

  1. I see so it seems that the Mega Modem is like a 1 to 1 connection?
    say for example I have 20 Particulate matter sensors, I have to configure the Mega Modem to connect to each of them every time I want to query data? then disconnect and configure it again to connect to the next sensor I want to query? Did I get that right?

  2. While if I will use IOT Edge Computer, I can configure it to get ALL of the data from the 20 particulate matter sensor nodes simultaneously (or not really simultaneously, at least sequentially in like millisec or seconds) and it will consolidate them before it sends data to my software application?

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Dondon Diaz