Maintenance Sensor

We have a maintenance sensor (s/n 0013A200-41C35B99) that is online for ± 6 months which last week suddenly went unresponsive. We see that the battery power the last 2 days before going down went to 2.8V and then abrupt stopped.
Placing new batteries in did not solve the issue. Also factory reset etc is not helping.

In the config GUI the sensor is not appearing while other do show .

Are there any diagnostics that can be done?

do you have a USB modem ?

i will recommend this formula to calculate the battery level
battery % = raw_adc * 0.537 - 449.3

Hi B,

The problem is not that we do not see the battery level but the sensor, with new batteries, is no longer working. We did a factory reset and followed all procedures for bringing the sensor live but this is not working.

We are wondering whether there is some hardware failure that appeared and think it is broken???

The battery % info was just for future calculation.

I am suspecting something is up with radio module if it doesn’t send anything

Here is what i will recommend

  1. remove the radio module from the Modem
  2. remove the radio module from the sensor
  3. install the sensor radio in the modem
  4. update radio profile
    How To Upload Profile in Digmesh Radio -
    make SURE you upload Sensor_Xbee_EY_ENABLE.xpro
  5. install the radio back into Pm sensor

Here is what could have happened – if sensor power switch was at "ON " position while you are changing batteries that could corrupt the radio module memory and it will reset to default settings.
It happens Extremely rarely but i have seen it 3 other times.

or you can send if for repair/replacement

Okido B

W’ill test it this first thing Monday.