"LTE Cellular Ethernet WiFi IoT Edge Computer" security password


I just got the “LTE Cellular Ethernet WiFi IoT Edge Computer”. It seems to be a device full of potential.

However, I have two questions regarding the security of the device:

  1. How can I secure the device’s configuration interface with a password? This is important since I am about to install the device on a customer’s public network.

  2. How do I secure Node-Red with a password?



I found the instructions for securing Node-Red here:

However, I did not find anything about how to secure the main configuration interface.

Does anyone have an idea? PLEASE!

@jacob @TravisE_NCD_Technica can you look into this

Unfortunately it is not possible to secure the main configuration on the current generation of the IoT Edge Computer.

We hope to remedy this on the next iteration which is currently in development.

Okay, I see. Will it be possible to update the firmware of our gateway to the new version?

No, the new version of the gateway is based on different processing hardware. The old version will be incompatible.