LRR110 High Delay on Relay Switching

I am running tests on the LRR110 single relay module and I am trying to achieve a switching delay of <50 ms from the time of the Input 1 switching from low to high voltage, but the delay is closer to 200-300 ms. I set the relay to be controlled directly by Input 1 and set the relay to equal the input state. When I use the Override tab on NCD Configuration and switch the relay that way, works as expected, so I assume there is an issue in the controller. Any suggestions?


Reactor is a pretty old product and was not really designed for fast switching applications. It was designed to do things like turn on a relay when a temperature sensor got above a certain limit for instance.

I would not expect it would be capable of achieving switching that fast based on input change. For something like that I would recommend custom firmware running on our rapid development line of products.