Lost Communication with ProXR (RS232)

We just purchased 2 new ZADSR32xPROR relays cards to use in a RS232 legacy system. These are very different then the original ones we have. I was able to set the EC3 addresses with the NCDBaseStation like before but they did not response to the RS232 commands. We use 2 cards connected together. (Device 1 & 2). I do see the communication lights blinking when the commands are sent. I could operate each card independently with the Base Station originally but they didn’t work with my test software. Now I can’t do that anymore, they do not respond to any commands.

I can connect with the NCDBaseStation now but I can not control any of the relays. Could I have changed a setting that would cause this? Is there a way to restore to the factory defaults assuming I changed something incorrectly? We assumed they were drop in replacements.

The ZADSR32xPROXR is our current generation controller, you must have had a much older controller as this device has now been on the market for many years without any changes (we have thousands of customers using the current design, but only a few customers used the previous design). There were numerous changes, I would not suggest that it is a drop in replacement for older controllers.
There are settings that can cause the problem you describe. Use Base Station to get the controller operational is my best advise. Make sure the default mode of operation has Relay Refreshing turned on. If this setting is off, the relay controller will not respond until a manual refresh command is issued. E3C device numbers are set to 0 by default, this does not affect operation until a E3C command is issued.
Please let us know if you have more questions.

Thanks Ryan,
I am still having trouble. When I try to save the settings I lose communication with one of them and I can’t connect to the other. Is there a way that I can reset both of them to factory settings myself?