Looking for UPOT8PROXR

I use to procure this programmable potentiometer, UPOT8PROXR back in 2016 and recently needed couple more but cannot find them on the site anymore. Are these obsolete ?

This UPOT8 was replaced with the updated version:

Please let us know if you have more questions.

Ryan, appreciate your prompt response. Is this a drop in replacement ? or will this require any changes to my existing design to accommodate ?

Software and functionality is identical, but this device uses a modular communications interface, so the USB connector will be different, also the mounting holes are not 100% validated for alignment, but they should be close. Hope this helps.

So basically just select the Potentiometer resistance and desired communication module (USB to match the original), correct ? Also i am unable to find a drawing for the board, to confirm the mounting hole dimensions on my existing enclosure base plate, can you help with that as well ?

We are working on updated drawings, but they are not ready just yet.
We will upload them to our site as soon as they are ready, but this will take some time to complete.