Looking for the ADC/Relay linked control register

I am using the ZADSR165PROXR_ETHERNET Relay Board, and I’m experiencing a problem with Bank 1 getting reset intermittently, while Bank 2 functions fine. The only thing different is the 8 AD converters can be linked to the first 8 Relays (Bank 1), I need to know the Hex Binary commands to read this status register, that determines the link between ADC’s and Relay actions. But at this time I can’t seem to find any documentation on what those Commands are.


Those commands are not documented anywhere, you will need to use the source code of Base Station to find them: https://media.ncd.io/20190207091118/BaseStationSource.zip

If you haven’t messed with those setting in Base Station its highly unlikely that they are active. You can check using Base Station.

More than likely its a bad TPIC chip (relay driver chip). Each TPIC chip controls up to relays (1 bank).

What are the loads being controlled by these relays? If its inductive is there a capacitor to mitigate inductive spikes?

Is the power supply for the relay controller being used to power anything else? If so what?