Looking for NCD ESP8266 Bring Up Support in Arduino IDE

New here and seems all support Q & A starts here.

My existing NODEMCU ESP8266 12E arduino code doesn’t ~more or less just build on the NCD.IO eso8266 I had to buy (node mcu out of stock).

Before I return the parts…

NCD does point to a difference in SDA / SDL lines from a NODEMCU and I don’t easily find the documentation on (1) how to port my existing code or (2) maybe how to change the board-type or (3) even sample code I could figure it out.

I tried search controlanything, ncd.io, old-forum, new-forum, straight up google search.

Somewhere I read answers here come up as fast as 5 minutes. So worth a try.

Probably a great platform suppler for the other MCUs, but is it a good platform for NODEMCU ESP8266

What didn’t I find?

Is there easy easy easy way to use NCD ESP12E in place of NODE MCU ESP8266 12E?

@Anil_Bhaskar or @Trey can you comment on this?

You can define the i2c like this
Wire.begin(12, 14);
and you will be able to use your existing node mcu ocde with ncd esp8266.

here is an example code


Thanks. I’ll give it a try.
Never used wire() like that before. I figured your ozone-sensor sample app would just work with all NCD parts.

fwiw Great tidbit to add on your product pages and sample app.

// Initialise I2C communication as MASTER
Wire.begin(12, 14);

… worked. Thanks