Lights on KFX module and 8 Relay control stay on after power is turned off

I have used the green 8 relay controls with KFX modules for a trailer loading device that we manufacture. Today i have a client that is having an issue where when the power to the control and KFX is turned off the red lights on the KFX and the board stay on. I use the control to turn on a 12V DC relay on a momentary basis to control a 60 AMP load. The lights do not go out until i disconnect all of the wires i have connected to the N/O terminals on all relays. I am using a ground on the common. All the load relays have 90 to 113 ohms across the coil and my battery voltage is 12.65 V DC. I am also using a line conditioner on the input voltage to the KFX that puts out a fixed 12.2 V DC regardless of battery voltage between 9.8V DC and 13.5V DC. with the power on the KFX and relays function normally. Any thoughts would great.