Library to read sensors with wireless gateaway

We have temperature and humidity sensors with a wireless GW, I like to read the temperature and humidity values (this is the part that I need) and then push them to a pubsub engine. I don’t necessarily need to go through the node-red UI/Console but if that is required then that should work for us. Is there a javascript or python library or command line that allows us to read the sensor values? Can you please provide me with a example code to read the sensors?


Honestly the simplest way to get up and running is to use Node-Red. Our ncd-red-wireless-2 library runs very reliably.

However if you prefer to develop a script in Python or another language that is fine as well. That said our Python library relies on the connection to the modem being over USB. If memory serves me correctly you have an Ethernet modem, is that correct? If so we will need to do a little re-writing to the Python library to support a TCP socket connection to the Ethernet modem. The alternative to that would be to use a TCP to VCP driver to mount the Ethernet modem to the computer as a COM/Serial port.

Could you also let us know what OS the server computer runs that the modem will be connected to? Windows, Linux, etc?

Thank you,
Travis Elliott