Legacy ADR4xProXR

I’ve got an original ARD4xProXR RevA board in my lab. Wondering how to interface to it. It has the RS232 adapter. Any ideas are appreciated


You can connect to and control the board with our Base Station software here:

The ProXR guide can be found here:

If you have any other questions please let us know.

Thank you,
Travis Elliott


I have several of these ADR4x ProXR Rev A boards and am interested in programming them via their RS232 interface. After attempting to connect using the guides above, Base Station does not seem to recognize these devices… The “Bsy” light does blink briefly while Base Station attempts to connect, but fails. I’ve learned that they are the PIC16F690 version. Is there any other information on programming these devices?

Be sure to power up the board with the Program/Run Jumper in the Run position, you only want to use Program to make changes to important settings. You should be able to discover in Base Station as long as you have a valid serial port connected.