LANX "Device Identification Failed" Error in NCD Base Station

I have two brand new LANX Ethernet daughter boards that are configurable via the IP interface, the configured IPs comes up as discovered devices in NCD Base Station, but return a “Device Identification Failed” error when attempting to control the relay board via NCD Base Station. If I swap a known good LANX card to the relay board, I am able control it without and issue. If I move the faulty LANX card to another relay board the fault follows the card. These are new cards on new boards.

At first I thought that I had a faulty LANX card but when the second card did the same thing, I wasn’t so sure. However, a third card configured properly and is working as designed for this relay board.

Two faulty cards?


Is there a chance any other software would have opened a port to these devices?

Can you send a screenshot of the settings on the Ethernet Module’s web page? Specifically Channel 1 > Seriall Settings and Channel 1 > Connection

Also can you check the SKU printed on the PCB the Ethernet is connected to? It should be akin to LANX.

This failure occurred during the initial setup (static IP assignment) of this board so, no, I don’t believe that another software program opened a port to these devices.

This all happened onsite at the client we service and the cards are configured for their network. I have the cards at our shop now. Not sure how I’d get the screenshot you’re asking for.

As far as the “SKU” goes, the only text printed on the PCB is “LANX” in a box, the words “Reset” and “Clear” next to jumper locations, and a stylized “RS”. Are you asking for information from the Lantronix XPort itself?

I should add that we have dozens of these cards in service and that this is the first time we’ve run into this problem.

Yes, I’m looking for the connection information set into the boards themselves. This is obtainable through the web interface of the modules.

If you power down a ProXR Board, move its PGM/RUN jumper to PGM, and then power the board back up then the ethernet module should be in DHCP mode and accessible over a DHCP enabled router.

This should make the modules accessible.

If not we can do an RMA and determine what’s going on. You can find the RMA at:

Neither of the boards will come up via our DHCP-enabled router using the PGM jumper on the relay board. A third Ethernet board came up on the router without an issue. I am going to initiate a RMA with the link you provided.