Lantronix Xport connect to port 2101

Hello, we are switching the module on our relay from WiFi to Ethernet. When switching to the Lantronix Ethernet module there are some connection issue. We are using the latest base station, which connects vi IP to port 2101. I can read/write the config (just changed the name of the module to test that).

so here’s the rundown of it’s current state.

What works:
NCD base station connect with read/write
Web Interface on the Ethernet module

What does not:
IORelay app
netcat raw connections (we have cron jobs to operate relays in off hours)

so networking is fine, there is no odd filtering going on to limit said connections. We are simply trying to move from wireless to wired. The relay works fine on wireless.

Any information on what I may look into would be great.

Thank you.

One thing to keep in mind is the board can only support one TCP socket at a time. This means you must completely close the Base Station software before running the IORelay app. If you do not close Base Station first then the app will never be able to connect. If that is not the problem please let me know.

Thanks Travis, indeed a port can only hold one connection. I do not believe that was the case, however I will try again to verify.

That must have been it Travis. We simply re-attached the Lantronix, pinged it, then went straight to the IORelay app to test and it worked as intended. I was pretty sure we were trying the netcat after disconnecting the base station however all is well now.

Thank you and have a great day.

No problem. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Thank you,
Travis Elliott