LabVIEW support

Looking at setting up a wireless tank monitoring system using your 4 channel analog input A/D converter. Not really sure what I would use on the PC end and is there any LabVIEW support for the application???

BTW I am guessing I would use the USB or RS232 modem. But really need LabVIEW support.

I will tag @Anil_Bhaskar on this thread, he may be able to help you further on this.

we dont have Labview support for 4 channel Analog input products.


Maybe I should try this another way. I need to monitor with a PC running windows 10, 4 separate pressure transducers remotely “~1/2 mile away”. How would I accomplish this using your equipment? I would really like to do this with LabVIEW as I most familiar with it. Thanks,