KFX with 2 relay board (Newbie)


I have a KFX on a 2 relay board (sku: R25PL_KEYFOB) with two, 2-button keyfobs. Both keys on the fobs are transmitting, however only relay 2 is tripping. Relay 1 does not trip with any key press. How can i get the other button on both fobs to trip relay 1? Help would be much appreciated, very new to this.



Do you have the Zigmo configuration board which allows you to configure settings in the KFX module? This is what it looks like:

If you have that then you can configure the KFX module as explained in this guide:

Hi Travis,

Yes, I do have the zigmoThanks for your response. I was able to find where to change the control codes with one of the guides available online. Everything is working as should be after I found where and what to change the control codes for the fob. Thanks a bunch.

No problem. Please let us know if we can help with anything else.