Kfx keyfob unique id

We have recently purchased 20 keyfobs and they all seem to have the same id. When I go through the procedure of pairing a keyfob all 20 keyfobs will be paired to the receiver. I have a single keyfob from a separate order and it will not communicate with the receiver until I pair it to the receiver. What I’m saying is that all 20 fobs act as they have the same id. The single fob from a separate order acts like it has a different id.

Is there anything I can do on my end to make each fob unique or do I have to send them back? We have multiple receivers within the same facility and we cannot have a fob 1 paired to receiver 1 and have fob 1 talk to receiver 2.

Thank You


Each Fob is assigned an ID when it is configured. It transmits this ID to the KFX key fob receiver and if the KFX recognizes the ID it will allow the transmission to trigger a command to go into the board.

One key fob should be able to send data to multiple boards if it is paired with both of those boards. To do this DON’T press the add button on the back of the fob. Just press the learn button on the KFX receiver and hit all the buttons on the FOB. Pressing the ADD button on the back of the fob changes its ID.

If you’re wanting the Old Fob to only communicate to the new board then it has to be forgotten by the old board.