KFX Design Changes

I recently purchased 2 KFX, and they are different from previous orders. The antenna mount is smaller and gold coloured. The chip has the manufacturers label, not “KFX”.

Will this be the design moving forward? I prefer the larger antenna mount, but can work with this design.
Is the performance or behaviour different?

Unfortunately, we have to use two suppliers for connectors at this time based on availability, so this is subject to change. We prefer the larger connector as well, but it’s sometimes very hard to get. So it will be manufactured with the larger connector if at all possible, and if not, we are required to use the smaller connector. We hope to stabilize our suppliers on this later in the year and give you a consistent product. We have discontinued printing of the KFX logo on the top of the modules for the time being. There are no changes in performance or behavior, so no worries as they are functionally identical.