KFX /8 button RC - max transmit 1 foot

Buttons are configured as momentary switches. We are running KFX 24/7 since Monday. Was working fine, but today if i hold the remote further than about a foot away the KFX is intermittent.
Receive LED on KFX light turns on and off as well as the controlled device - with RC button held and remote moved further away

Battery in RC was just under 3 volts (after only a few a weeks of intermittent use) Replaced it but have same issue.
We are still testing the device and it not mounted in a box.
Using 5 volt to 3.3 volt step down buck module. Output reads 3.3 volts
Turned power off for 10 seconds.
KFX has anntenna, RC does not.
What are my next steps?


What else is being powered off of the 5 volts?

Is the board or antenna in contact with anything conductive?

Is the KFX module getting particularly hot?

Hi Jason
The KFX is not even warm.
The board and antenna are sitting on a ceramic tile, nothing conductive.
The 5 volts comes from a microcontroller board, it is powered by a 5 volt switching power supply.
The tx of the KFX also goes to the microcontroller

Is the 5v coming from a GPIO on the microcontroller? Many have amperage limitations on what a GPIO can draw. Surpassing this may eventually cause issues.

When the KFX module is connected to our relay controllers we generally only see this with:
Switching inductive loads without isolation,
Long antenna wire or mounting the antenna to conductive material (static discharge or ground differential),
Frequency mismatch (using a 433MHz fob with a 418MHz KFX),
Loose connection between antenna and KFX (mounting nut can get in the way),
Bad power supply (incorrect rating).

If none of those are the case we can do an RMA to determine the issues: https://ncd.io/contact-us/product-returns/

For our 24/7 test we put the system on the floor. taking it up to the desk and rerouting the conductors between components seems to have corrected the problem. (it originally worked in this configuration)
We’re ready to mount the 3 components in an aluminum box. The intention is to power the microcontroller from a USB port, and as we are doing in the test set up, tap it for 5 volts to a step down module, to 3.3 v, for the KFX. ( the measured voltage to the KFX is consistent whether a button is used or not, but not exactly 3.3 volts, as I stated earlier)
The antenna will be mounted on the box metal end plate. Do I understand correctly that I’ll need to insulate the antenna mounting base and nut from the end plate?
If so, any suggestion for an insulating grommet?
Can you direct me to application notes for mounting the antenna?