Keyfob remote control

I have a 4 button remote programmed to work with the KFX module. When I have the KFX in the USB modem connected to the PC I can see that the buttons on the remote fire the appropriate relays. The LED on the KFX also lights up when the remote buttons are pushed. When I insert the KFX on the relay card, the relays do not fire with any consistency. I would say that it does not work at all, but twice I have gotten a relay to turn on, then off. I cannot see any pattern in it at all. It seems to be a communication issue between the KFX and the relay card. Any advice?

Hi Jay,

Please provide a screenshot of the settings you are saving into the KFX module(Commands being sent). Then also provide a photo of the KFX module installed in the relay controller and powered up.

Thank you Jay,
Travis Elliott

Sorry. I didn’t expect quite as quick of a response as I got and then I was not able to work on it.

Hi Jay,

I apologize for the delayed response. We have been closed the past couple of weeks.

It looks like you are sending multiple commands for the button presses. Is this nessesary for your application. What is your intended functionality when you press the buttons on the key fob remote?

No problem on the delay.
I am using this relay to control a set of stop/reverse/forward lights for a truck scale.
Button 1 is set to turn on relay 1 (stop) and turn off relays 2 &3 (reverse and forward)
Button 2 is set to turn on relay 2 (reverse) and turn off relay 1 (stop)
Button 3 is set to turn on relay 3 (forward) and turn off relay 1 & 2 (stop and reverse)
I would have had button 2 turn off relay 3 as well but did not see an easy way to do it. I could group the relays for the other 2 buttons.

Hi Jay,

Try this.

First set Buttons on KeyFob to 8. Setting them to 4 or any other number seems to cause some strange reactions if memory serves me correctly and I don’t recommend it.

Now press button 1 on your remote and see which button that triggers in the software. Set that button to send this command on press:
254, 140, 1, 1

Now find the input triggered by button 2 and have it send on press:
254, 140, 2, 1

Now find the input triggered by button 3 and have it send on press:
254, 140, 4, 1

Let me know if that does what you want and works correctly.

That did it. Thank you. One other thing: How would I program it to have all off?