Key Fob Receiver - PR19-4

I have an application in mind using two PR19-4 Key Fob Receivers, and multiple key fobs.
Will a single receiver be able to decode more than one key fob button at a time?.. i.e. two buttons pressed on one key fob, or one button pressed on two different key fobs at the same instant.

If not, would the receiver decode two separate outputs for the following;
Press and hold button #1 on a key fob…
Then press and hold button #2 on a different key fob…
Then release button #1 on the first key fob…
Then release the button #2 on the second key fob.

What is the length of time required for the receiver to decode a single button press successfully?


Unfortunately these key fob receivers are only designed to accept one button press at a time from a single fob.

What you’ll see if you try and press multiple buttons on a single or multiple fobs is that the initial press will not trigger a release reliably.

For instance if you hold button 1 down and then press button 2 and release it then button 1 release won’t trigger.

The length of time to register depends on the RSSI and what the software is doing, but generally less than .1 seconds.

UPDATE: PR19-4 Key Fob Receiver

I have discovered that the PR19-4 receiver appears to decode several buttons at once. The individual “keypress” and “release” events are decoded at the receiver, even if multiple buttons are simultaneously being pressed on the Key Fob. I am currently testing with the 8-button long range Key Fob. I have only tried this at a distance of 100 feet, line-of-sight, but it seems to work OK so far.