Key FOB Programing

I have been using a Key Fob Relay Controller for a few years now with great success. Within the last two month both of my key FOB battery holders broke off the key FOB circuit board. I ordered and received a new key FOB, but cannot find any of the information I first used to program it to control the board. Is there a place on the website to find the instructions to add a Key FOB to a currently programed Key Fob Relay Controller Board?


Yes, this guide explains the key fob remote pairing process:

If you have any questions on this please let me know.

Thank you,
Travis Elliott

several years ago i purchased a Key Fob 1 channel remote controlled switch to control the built-in vacuum cleaner in my house. It works great. At that time you folks programmed the Fob for toggle on/off function. I recently purchased another Fob and neglected to have it programmed. Would you be so kind as to tell me how (or if) I could get your folks to get me up and running? I’m not all that competent with all this digital stuff!! Thanks Bruce Muff Email: