Key fob module won't connect to ncd base

Key fob module is mounted to zigmo base. USB light is ON.

Followed steps on

Remote learned 1 button.

Plugged in USB to Zigmo
Pushed “Learn”, pushed button on remote and “Learn” again.

Then opened NCD Base program that I downloaded from link provided in instructions.

Selected COM3 - USB (I can see it in my devices on my computer)

When I click ok it pops up a window that says it couldn’t connect with the provided BAUD rate (I have it set to 115.2K as per instructions). It cylces through available BAUD rates then disconnects.

I’m using windows 10. Any help is appreciated.

Do you have the KFX module installed in the Zigmo configuration board so the Antenna connection faces away from the USB connector?

Any way you could send a photo of the KFX module in the Zigmo with the USB cable connected?

I got it figured out. Thank you. Seemed to just be a loose connection.