Irregularly Alternating Red/Green Lights on Email Generator


We have a Contact Closure Email Generator that was set up to send emails for Input 1 closures and opens. It was working fine until I tried to set it up to send a text message for the Input 1 closure and now it will flash green once a second for anywhere between 2 and 7 seconds and then it will flash red once a second for 4 seconds and then repeat. I am no longer able to get emails or text messages to send.

It seems like the customers in this thread (Contact Closure Email Generator Red Light) were having the same problem and needed to reprogram but our units were purchased just a few weeks ago, long after December 2020, so I’m not sure if we need to reprogram or not.

What does this LED flashing pattern mean and what do you suggest we try to get this generator going again?


Hi Kimberly,

I am currently looking into a similar situation with another customer. If you change the recipients back to only your email and do not include the text address does it work as expected once again?