IoT Wireless Vibration And Temperature Sensors

An IoT wireless vibration & temperature sensors are purchased. During the communication with the Zigmo / Route, the sensor’s value cannot be retrieved. It returned “Error - 1073807253 occurred at VISA Read in -> Possible reason(s): VISA: (HEX0xBFFF006B) A framing error occurred during transfer.”

We used Comm Operator Pro monitoring the comm port and data is found. We also used XCTU reviewing the radio module parameters. Everything is fine

.profile_8074.xpro (65.9 KB)

did you select 115200 as your baudrate?
You will need to install serial visa driver as well.

the driver links can be found in readme file.

Let me know if you encounter any issue.

We confirm all serial drivers are installed. According to your product manual in step 5, the baud rate is 9600. Can you confirm it?

yes, the baudrate is 115200. in old revisions it was 9600 but then we updated it to 115200 and looks like we missed in the doc and didnt update over here.
its updated in the docs as well now.

The data is well received. Thanks.