IoT Sensor Configuration Question


I would like to connect 23 IoT Long Range Wireless Temperature Humidity Sensor and 2 IoT Long Range Wireless Pressure Sensor Bidirectional Differential to a NCD Industrial IoT Edge Computer LTE Cellular Wi-Fi Ethernet to monitor the temperature and humidity in a warehouse. Sensors will be located in 3 temperature zones; room temperature, 32ºF, and -13ºF. Can you please confirm that all this equipment will work together and let me know if there is any additional equipment I will need?

Thank you for your time!

That’s all you will need.



Yes all of those sensors will work together and report their data to that edge computer.

Depending on the exact layout and makeup of the facility you may need repeaters installed to get the data from one end of the facility to your edge computer. You can use this device as a wireless repeater:

Generally you can just install them in the ceiling of your facility or near the ends of the aisles.