IoT Long Range Wireless Push Notification - Delay Time

I have a situation that I need the IoT Push Notification Nodes to Sleep 8 hours.

It appears the Configuration Utility allows an unsigned integer ( up to 4294967295) in seconds, which is obviously way more than 8 hours.

The catch is, all my Push Notification Boards are installed off-site and I don’t have one at my office to reconfigure and test for 8 hours.

I would be grateful if NCD could confirm that 28800 seconds (8 hours) is an acceptable Sleep Time in the Node’s Firmware.

Thanks in Advance.

To anyone not familiar with this Product, it always immediately sends an Update when the status of either input changes. I’ll use the scheduled update time of 8 hours as a Node “Check-in” and for Battery Voltage Logging.

Hi Ryan,
Yes 8 hours is an acceptable sleep time.


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