IoT Edge Gateway light both red


I recently purchased an Iot Edge Gateway. i set it and it worked. i was able to view NodeRed, etc.

However, last friday , i see the stat light and 3v3 light are red .I cant acces the gateway and the oled led is off.

Wondering what may have happened, and what to do. I tried rebooting it a few times, but the problem persists. Wondering if here is anything to do, other than to perhaps try and do a factory reset?


connect to the gateway over softAP and open webpage.

thanks for reply

i can’t find wireless signal from iot edge gatweway

can you try a different 12V 1Amp power supply

Okey stat light just changed to green but cant find wireless signal. what should i do ?

does the LOED has any info on it.
if not i will recommend reflashing the firmware. instruction can be found in product manual.

thanks for help, i’ll try it

can you tell me how to reflashing the firmware with windos 10 ?

if you are using windows use putty as your terminal