Industrial wireless sensor

I have several vibration sensors that are powered by external power supply.
Can these vibration sensors act as mesh routers for the mesh network, so that we do no need to deploy wireless USB modem.

Is there any limit to the number of nodes, or the maximum number of hops?


yes, the can act as repeaters. in order to do that you will need to disable the sleep mode. the RF data can make a max 7 hops.

so you could have 7 vibration sensor with no sleep mode and they will act as repeater.


Just to add to this discussion- mostly verifying steps/procedures to make a sensor into a sensor/repeater combo.

I am looking at doing this to one sensor (SKU: PR55-27 Long Range IoT Wireless RTD Temperature Sensor). I am double checking the steps…

-Pull radio from sensor and install to programing board
-using XCTU, read profile from radio (hitting reset if/when prompted)
-change Sleep mode to Normal (always on)
-load profile back to radio
-reinstall radio to sensor (externally powered due to radio being always on!)

Now, using the XCTU, this newly configured sensor should show up as a repeater in the network graph if I did everything as listed above.

I have 3 repeaters (USB Modems, 2x6db and 1x8db antenna) and 6 sensors spread across 5 miles (longest hop is 2.4miles, others are used to navigate around /between tree lines) in an “S” shaped valley, 3 users -each with a Mega Modem collecting the data. One user is at the tail end of the line of sensors, they can see the sensor’s antenna (0.2 miles) … this is the one I want to change to be a repeater.

You can store only the sleep setting settings, not need to write all the settings.