Industrial IoT Wireless Particulate Matter Sensor

Does anyone know how to power this device without batteries? The old one had two wires no brainer DC 3.3 Volt does the trick the new one has a strip with 5 or six wires and I need to know which wires need the DC power and voltage. The old one had 4 AA batteries the new one has 6 AA batteries.\



If you open the product page you linked to and click the Buy Now button you will see several options. The last option in the list is External Power Supply Connectivity Option for Wireless sensor. Did you select that option when purchasing the device? Can you provide a photo of your device?

Thank you,
Travis Elliott

in the 6 pin connectors use the two pins near the enclosure wall.

Thank you, What voltage?

12VDC is nominal, but I believe the range is 9-32 @Anil_Bhaskar can you confirm?

The max vin is 3.3V-3.6V