Industrial IoT Wireless CO2 Temperature Humidity Sensor cannot be configured to send data every 10 seconds

I received the IoT Wireless CO2 Temperature Humidity Sensor and started working to configure it to send on minute intervals. In the beginning, the sensor run by sending data at 10 second intervals. I started playing with the configuration but unfortunately, I was unable to configure it as I needed. The sensor now is set to send data at about 30 minutes intervals and cannot change it. There are 2 red buttons on the sensor board. One of them pushes the data from the sensor while the other one for resetting the sensor. I used the second button to reset the sensor to factory settings but it did not work.

Any suggestions, please!

Thank you


How are you attempting to configure the Sensor? Are you using Node-Red or Alpha Station software?

To put the sensor into configuration mode you do the following:

  1. Press and release the Reset button.
  2. Immediately press and hold the CFG button for approximately 10 seconds, then release the CFG button.

Before doing this software needs to be in configuration mode so it receives the Configuration Mode message from the sensor.

the sensor can NOT send data faster than 30sec. gas sensor have warm up time.