IIOT Environmental Sensor - IAQ Question

Good morning,

We have a couple of the IIOT Environmental Sensors:

We’ve noticed that the IAQ reading (sensor firmawre: 3, and Node-Red ncd-red-wireless-2 ver 2.1.6 ) is consistently a value of 0 or 1.

I ran the Sensors LabView software briefly and also saw a value of 1 both indoors and outdoors for extended periods of time.

This made us question what WOULD cause IAQ to change upwards?

I first configured the sensor for 60 second interval readings.
I then mounted the sensor a few inches away from the muffler exhaust on a rider mower.

I ran the mower for several minutes and then turned it off.

When I went back to review the readings, temperature rose about 30C, humidity dropped about 40% and gas resistance dropped several thousand, yet IAQ remained at 0.

Before running the mower:

Running the mower:
Mower turned off:

While the mower was running and just after, when I turned it off I can see temperature, humidity and gas resistance changing all quite a bit.


I thought for sure a gas mower engine exhaust would cause IAQ to change.
I read the Sensor Documentation and I do see the part where IAQ is calculated relative to the most sensor reset. The sensor was rest in my upstairs office, and then taken out into the garage for the test.

My next test would involve a candle and some smoke.
Any other ideas on how to see IAQ change?

EDIT: Re-reading the documentation I do see that if IAQ=0, the sensor is in warmup period for 30 minutes.

I will need to re-run my test once sensor exits the IAQ=0 mode.

I re-ran the experiment and was able to get IAQ up to 80!







Motor off several minutes ago, starting to return to normal:

there is heater inside the sensor and it takes around 30min to heat up. one of the bit in reserve byte indicates if heater is ready or not.