I2C shield PR2-3 with Raspi Zero

I have a PR2-3 I2C shield and I consider using it on a raspi zero W. Will this work or do I need the shield PR19-7 for the I2C Zero W?

To my knowledge the pinout is the same between Pi4 and Pi Zero. However I would confirm if I were you. Also make sure pin tolerances between them are the same(3.3VDC).

Thank you for your quick reply, Travis
Indeed the pinout is the same for raspi zero and raspi 4 and so far I haven’t encountered problems of incompatibility between them. However if I mount the PR2-3 shield on my raspi zero, the raspi doesn’t seem to like it. i2cdetect runs super slow and it doesn’t detect any devices.

Sorry, I wish I could help more but I’ver never messed with a Pi Zero. Did you make sure I2C interface was enabled and the MUX was set to the correct pins for SDA and SCL?

Whats the board rev ?

I am sorry to say that I just found an error in my setup. Now everything works just fine. Great product!