I2C Shield for WiPy2 & LoPy not boosting power to I2C

I’m using an I2C Shield for WiPy2 & LoPy with a LoPy4. I have a 3.7v Lion battery connected to the VIN and GND pins of the shield.

The voltage on the I2C interface matches the battery voltage. Does the shield boost the power to 5 volts for the I2C interface?

The shield does not boost the power to 5V.


This a bit disappointing. The documentation states:

“The I2C port 5V is controlled by a GPIO pin…” And the connector is labeled 5v.

I purchased a number of these boards assuming that they would boost to 5 volts.

Will they at least level shift to 3.3v if I supply the card with 5 volts?

the I2C 5V is controlled by GP32. You can set this pin High low to control the 5V.

Make sure the solder jumper is on GP32 side.

it does level shift the I2C to 5V.