I2C Shield for WiPy2 & LoPy - Disable I2C pin

I’m using a I2C Shield for WiPy2 & LoPy with a LoPy4. I’m communicating with sensors over the I2C interface. The documentation states:

“The I2C port 5V is controlled by a GPIO pin and can be turned on all the time depending on jumper selection. If you are using this with a battery then you can turn on and off the I2C port according to your needs.”

Which GPIO pin?

GP32 can be used to turn off the I2C port supply



Thats for the reply.
It appears that the solder bridge labeled GP32 configures whether GP32 (P19) can enable and disable power. There are three solder pads. Which pads should be soldered together to allow the LoPy to turn off power the I2C interface?


solder pads near the pins. there should be a marking as well indicating GP32.