I2C Sensor Boards Dimensions


is there any drawing of the I2C sensor board dimensions? Position of Mounting holes, connectors … ?
In the past years i created a lot of I2C sensor boards for software development and test reasons.
Unfortunately the boards are mostly created quick and dirty and do not follow any design requirements.

For the future i would like to build the boards compatible to your system, so we could use your adapter boards and cables for different platforms.

Kind Regards

Hi Danie,
All the board dim can be found on product page under resources or drawing section.


Hi Bhaskar,

i found it, thank you!
If someone else is searching for the dimensions: I2C Mini Module Dimensions

By the way: Is there also any other sizes? like medium module or big? :grin:

Kind regards

Hi Danie,
There are relay boards, fet controller, 4-20mA, 0-10V ADC DAC and all but they are not based on any standard size format.

we just made boards as big as we had to.