I2C Multiplexer

Does anyone know if a I2C multiplexer will allow I2C communication with three devices that all start at 0x68 address. Jumpers allow 0x68 and 0x69 but that is just two devices.

You can set the address of the MCP3428 to 0x70 by installing address jumper 1 in the High position and address jumper 0 in the low position. This would leave address’s 0x68 and 0x69 available for the MCP4725 boards.

I did try these positions with no luck. Obviously I was doing something wrong. Thank you

Are you still having problems? If so can you provide a photo of how the jumpers are installed?

Mistake none here for this.

I just got a interesting result. I removed all the jumpers on MCP3428 so, all address jumper pins are blank. Seems to be working with the MCP4725 boards. Next step is to test the address for these boards.

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