I2c minimum voltage

Good day,
I would like to build a LiPo battery powered sensor using the Onion Omega2+
I am considering mounting the Onion Omega2+ onto the I2C shield with ethernet port (I2C Shield for Onion Omega with Ethernet Port).
With this shield I would like to connect to I2C sensors.

A sensor that I am particularly interested in is the 89BSD pressure sensor (http://www.strainsense.co.uk/products/pressure-sensor-digital-sp1-i2c-output/89bsd).
The sensor’s datasheet says that the interface type is I2C and the voltage range is 1.8V to 3.6V.

I am not sure when NCD refers to their 5V I2C’s, whether it means that the I2C interface can accept up to a maximum of 5V, or if the I2C interface works with 5V only.

Will the Onion I2C shield’s voltage (5V) be compatible with the 89BSD sensor I2C voltage?

Kind regards,

Hi George,
Our I2C protocol is strictly 5V for two reasons:

  1. There are many sensors that operate at 5V
  2. We are using I2C across cables, which gives us better noise immunity.

We support many I2C sensors that are limited to 3.3V sensor chips. We do this by level shifting each sensor to our 5V standard. The sensor link you have posted does not seem to work. We offer an extraordinary range of pressure sensors, it’s possible we can offer you a sensor that operates within your requirements.