How to control 1,000 I/O

I want to control 1,000 IO.
Would you confirm? is this possbile?
Would you check attached a PDF file ?

  1. Each Arduino control 128 I/O by MCP23017
  2. Master is a Raspberry, Slave 10 Arudino.
  3. Arduino I/O 128 x 10 ea : 128
  4. Comunication is by I2C

BX Mulit Board_TO NCD.pdf (215.5 KB)

Thank you.

I never tried it but theoretically yes its possible.
You will need following hardware

  1. IO board – 63 boards
  2. I2C mux – One board
  3. Arduino or Pi I2C shield

On each I2c Mux port you will be able to connect 8 IO boards. There are total 8 Mux ports.


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Thank you kind repy.
Do you means attached PDF file?
Would you check it?

WOuld BX Mulit Board NCD reply.pdf (195.4 KB)

Yup, you got it right.