How to Configure Current Loop Receiver with Sensor Warm-Up Delay

Am trying to configure a Current Loop Receiver to power up for 15 seconds before taking/transmitting the current loop value. I’m powering a small radar tank level sensor and it needs some time to boot up before it’s current value stabilizes indicating the measurement.

I know this is possible, because I did it a few years ago and it worked. I am trying to do it with Alpha Station, but can’t seem to find the setting there. The delay in aplha station is just the delay between readings. I suspect it may be in the labview utility, but the labview runtime utility will no longer run the published executable under windows 11.

Is there by chance a python program that would do it?

Here is the command
7E 00 14 10 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 FF FF FF FE 00 00 F4 44 00 00 2D 0F 80