How get the raw domain waveform from vib sensor 80, 81

It is not clear the steps of how to get the waveform data from vibration sensor and parsing it.
Please somebody could help with it?


It will depend on the mode of operation.
If you are using the sensor in raw mode, then it will always send raw time domain data
if you are using the raw on-request mode, then you will need to send a command right after you receive the regular data message. This command can be found in the product manual.

it works like this

  1. sensor will send processed data
  2. stay on for a few seconds, waiting for a request command from the master
  3. if it receives the raw request command, it will send raw data
  4. if not it will go back to sleep

Thanks, that help with little part of the problem. The other part is how to do the parsing of the data receiving, I tried to find the info in the manual, but I couldn’t.


Any update of how to to parsing of raw data? It doesn’t show in the manual and my cristal ball is broken :slight_smile:

Go to the product manual and look for the raw data table. You should find your cristal ball there

OK, I can see now. Thanks