How get data from a ethernet modem?

Do you guys know how to retrieve the data from a Wireless to Ethernet Modem? lets say i want to send the data to a DB in MyQSQL (for example).

Is there any software available to do this?



Unfortunately we don’t have any software capable of doing this out of the box at this time.

We’re hoping to add TCP support to our Node-Red software soon so that you can use Node-Red’s MySQL integrations to easily get the data where you want it, but its not implemented just yet.

Currently you would need to write software on a local computer to do this or send it to a cloud and use cloud storage.

Hi Jacob, and, to do that (“send it to a cloud and use cloud storage”), do you have already an option to do it??


I thought about it, and not really. While most clouds support incoming TCP connections, its something you have to set up and its probably more convoluted than necessary. I handed our Node developer the hardware today. He thinks he can get something together this week to accept the data. You would then just need to set up you MySQL database and pipe data into it using Node-Red’s existing functionality.

That’s probably going to be your most straightforward bet. I’ll keep you posted.

I upgraded our existing library for Node-RED to handle the Ethernet modem, this is probably your best bet. You can check out the intro to this setup here:

The only real difference is that when you configure the “Serial Device” you’ll select the “TCP” option and add the local IP and port (defaults to 2101) into the fields available.

If you don’t know the local IP, you can use a UDP input node to figure it out, just drag it onto the flow, and double click on it… the port should be 13000 and set the output to a String, then add a debug node and connect the two, once you deploy you will see periodic messages coming from the modem with its local IP and port, just plug those into the wireless configuration from the step above.

This will get data flowing into Node-RED, there are thousands of contributed nodes to allow you to connect to any number of remote, or local, services. In fact there is a MySQL package developed by one of the original creators of Node-RED

There are also nodes for all of the major cloud architectures that we’ve looked for.

Hope this helps!


to touch on the topic originally asked above, if I wanted to use a NCD Ethernet Modem to receive and transmit wireless data over Ethernet IP, would I be able to send the data to a Distributed Control System (DCS) that is capable of capturing IP based data? How would I achieve this? is it just port forwarding?

I’m not 100% sure on what you are looking to do but port forwarding is only required if a remote connection is being established over an Internet connection. So if software at another location is trying to connect to an Ethernet Modem over the Internet then yes you would require port forwarding as router’s do not allow incoming connections(only outgoing).